Pet friendly Hotels in the UAE

When exploring the dazzling landscapes and opulent experiences of the United Arab Emirates, who better to have by your side than your four-legged friend? As pet owners know, pets are not just companions; they’re family. That’s why the rising trend of pet-friendly hotels in the UAE is more than just a paw-sitive development—it’s a game-changer for travellers and their fur babies.

Picture this: You’re packing your bags for a UAE adventure, and your pet is practically doing cartwheels of excitement because they’re coming along! No more stressful goodbyes or last-minute pet-sitter scrambles. Pet-friendly hotels in the UAE are all about welcoming your pets with open arms, turning your trip into a stress-free and paw-tastic experience.


Insights and Experiences for a Pet-Friendly Stay

The UAE offers exciting adventures, from beach days in the emirate of Umm al Quwain to the epic city experiences in Dubai.

Take a stroll around Dubai Marina and take in the hustle and bustle of the waterscape. Enjoy the dedicated pet playground in Emirates Hills. With pet-friendly accommodations, your furry explorer can join in on the fun, too.

Dubai offers pet-friendly beaches where your dog can run freely and enjoy the sand and surf. Popular public spots include Kite Beach, and Al Safa Park, as well as dedicated dog parks in Dubai Hills. Take a scenic jog down Dubai Creek Harbour, enjoy the gorgeous skyline and brew at pet-friendly cafes while your pets run around amidst the promenade and lush greenery.

There are several dog parks in Dubai where your furry friend can socialise and play off-leash. Additionally, some hotels offer pet playgrounds so your furry pals can staycay alongside you. Many cafes and restaurants in Dubai have outdoor seating areas where pets are welcome. Enjoy a meal or coffee with your pet by your side.

Umm Al Quwain allows your four-legged pals in many places, such as pet-friendly hotels where you can enjoy their private beach. The public beach in UAQ includes Kite Beach Centre, which lets you bring in pet pals.

Embrace Pet-Friendly Hotels in the UAE: Your Furry Adventure Awaits

Remember to check the specific rules and guidelines of each pet-friendly place you plan to visit to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your furry companion. Enjoy your pet-friendly adventures in the UAE!

So, whether you're a local looking for a staycation or an international jet-setter with a wanderlusting pup, UAE's pet-friendly hotels are here to turn your travels into a furry-friendly adventure you'll never forget. It's time to pack those doggie bags and hit the road—paws and play await!


Yes, many hotels accommodate dogs and other pets. However, policies regarding pet stays vary by hotel, so it's crucial to check the hotel's pet policy beforehand.

A pet-friendly hotel concept involves welcoming and accommodating pets, providing facilities and services tailored for their stay, such as designated pet areas, pet-friendly rooms and suites, and sometimes amenities like pet beds or bowls.

Pet hotels offer a solution for pet owners who travel and need a safe and comfortable place for their pets to stay. It ensures the well-being of pets while their owners are away.

Vida Emirates Hills and Vida Creek Harbour are also known for offering varying degrees of pet-friendly accommodations, ensuring a comfortable stay for both guests and their pets.

To keep a pet in a hotel room, it's essential to follow the hotel's guidelines. Generally, guests should keep their pets in a crate or use a pet gate to ensure they don't disturb other guests. It's also crucial to avoid leaving pets unattended for extended periods.

Pros: Enjoying companionship, avoiding separation anxiety, exploring new places together. Cons: Limited accommodation options, potential travel stress for pets, extra planning and preparation required.

Dogs should sleep either in their provided bed, crate, or designated area within the hotel room. It's essential to respect the hotel's regulations regarding pet accommodations.