Manzil Downtown Dubai Restaurant - Brickhouse


  • Opening soon

    Brickhouse, the award-winning restaurant from Hong Kong is located adjacent to Manzil Downtown Dubai in the heart of Dubai’s vibrant Downtown District. Brickhouse embraces the vibrant late – night, street - eating and drinking ethos with its deconstructed interiors and mis-matched furniture melding perfectly with the authentic renditions of Mexican staples such as tacos and tostadas, accompanied by copious servings of inventive beverages.

    Brickhouse is a simple feel-good sanctuary to eat, network or converse with friends, guaranteeing a social as well as a unique dining experience. Brickhouse is open Sunday to Thursday 12.00pm until midnight and weekends 12.00pm until 2.00am.

  • 着装要求: Casual

  • 座位数量: 70