1. How can I make a claim?
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions to ensure your claim is covered by the policy, and then kindly submit a Claim Form using the navigation tab located on this web page.
2. How do I know if my Claim Form has been received?
You will receive an e-mail confirmation or telephone call within 24 hours. To prevent the emails sent by the hotel to be classified as spam in your inbox, please allow edistribution@emaar.ae as a safe sender.
3. What is acceptable evidence of a lower rate?
On the Claim Form, you will be asked details of the lower rate, including the website where the lower rate was found. Once you have submitted a claim, dedicated staff will do a search to verify the validity of the lower rate based on the information you supplied, subject to our Terms and Conditions. If the rate is no longer available or cannot be booked online, the guarantee will not apply.
4. How will I know if my claim has been validated?
You will be advised by email or by phone once the claim has been processed. If valid, the new rate applying to your reservation will be communicated in an updated confirmation email.
5. Will my claim be valid if I find a lower rate available on VIDA-hotels.com?
No, but we would be happy to adjust your reservation to the lower rate available on vidahotels.com on the same terms that apply to the lower rate, but you will not qualify for the 25% discount.