At Vida, guests are referred to as Visionaries; guests who are always thinking up their next big idea. Vida is for thinkers, innovators and game-changers who are constantly creating, but welcome the chance to press pause in a well-designed yet functional environment.

They’re thought-leaders whose radars are always switched on to the latest trends in design, music and art. Vida Visionaries appreciate true value – they prefer luxury that is well designed yet functional.

Visionaries can look forward to an energising welcome in design-led surroundings where syncing-in is easy, yet personalised service is always at hand.

The well-travelled, the sharp and the sociable check-in to feel the pulse of a personalised urban hub where technology fuels imagination.

Vida is inspiring, refreshing and carefree, a place for creation and recreation, and to be in control.

At Vida Hotels and Resorts the action is never far away, it’s up to you how and when to get involved.