At mankind’s current rate of consumption and destruction, we are looking at a future where our ocean has more plastic than fish, where clean drinking water is but a distant memory and where our ocean, our most precious life-giving natural resource, has been ruined.

- Only 1% of the ocean is under protection.
- Our ocean provides 50% of the world’s oxygen and acts as a buffer to climate change.
- There is currently over 150 million tonnes of plastic in our ocean, and this amount is increasing rapidly.
- The ocean is a food source for over 3 billion people worldwide.
- Burning fossil fuels results in more CO2 being absorbed by our ocean, which in turn increases the water’s acidity and wreaks havoc on marine life.
- 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into our ocean each year and poisonous chemicals find their way back to us via water systems, rain and the fish we eat.

This is why Emaar Hospitality Group has launched the Pearl Pledge, an initiative to protect and conserve our ocean by raising awareness and adopting sustainable practices across each of our properties. As part of the Pearl Pledge, Emaar Hospitality Group has become a member of the global Green Key initiative.

At every level from our staff to our guests, the Green Key initiative is a standard of excellence within the tourism industry that aims to achieve sustainable and eco-friendly operations in hotels around the world, from food and beverage to CSR, environment maintenance, staff involvement and more.

Every little environmentally-conscious act makes a huge difference. After all, every wave started off as a single drop. Join us.